About us - The story about Strandsegaard

Strandsegård is a lively place surrounded by beautiful nature.

We, Nina and Alex Møller, moved into the farm in 2002 where we renovated most of the longhouses and barns for offices.
We had a change of heart in 2007 and decided to build vacation apartments instead; our longhouses were renovated again!

  • Initially we only had 2 apartments, but today we have 7 lovely holiday apartments, which we rent out for short or long periods, with the help of booking.com and Ferie-partner in Liseleje.
  • Since I (Nina) myself am a chef, we have built a commercial kitchen in one of the old warehouses, so I can make what I love - namely to cook for people who appreciate good food (catering). The kitchen took a few years to build, but was completed in 2014.

New kitchen in 2014

It took a few years to build the kitchen, which was completed in 2014; and that same year, we decided to venture into the production of juice and jam

We planted a field with various berry bushes and fruit trees all around the farm. The only thing we needed from there was a place to sell our products; thus came the farm shop.

On occasion, we are fortunate enough to offer from our shop, beautiful crafts created by artists whom we have met in the local markets.

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